If you have reasons to believe that your PPI policy was sold to you without your consent or you were misled by a sales executive, you should glance over your old loan documents. PPI mis-selling is now a widespread financial scam that has already affected hundreds and thousands of UK citizens. Complaints against lending institutions are being lodged by worried consumers in large numbers and the UK government is making its stance stronger against fraudulent lending institutions and their representatives. However, the scam has already taken an enormous shape and if you see the slightest sign of any discrepancy in your financial documents, you should immediately contact a qualified and experienced PPI claims legal expert. We are offering legal assistance to those who were victimized by the devious sales strategies of the bank representatives. You can call us or mail us to get more info on how to claim a refund against PPI mis-selling.

How do you know that you have PPI?

If you have had a credit card, mortgage or loan of any type, there is always a chance that you were sold, rather mis-sold, a PPI claim. The main idea behind PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) was to cover the monthly premiums on a loan agreement in case the borrower loses his/her job or becomes insolvent for any other reason. However, the sales staffs often do not explain the terms and conditions to the borrowers and sell these PPI products in a reckless, negligent and deliberate manner. As a result, the consumers are misled and do not get the benefits for ineligibility issues.

If you can recall any such interaction with a sales staff, there is a high chance that you were mis-sold PPI and you have a claim. Here below are some instances of PPI mis-selling that reveal that misinforming consumers has become a common habit of some sales staffs. Match your case with the below mentioned exemplary scenarios to find whether you were mis-sold a product that you never wanted to buy by a pushy salesperson.

• The bank’s representative told you that it is compulsory to buy PPI with any loan product/credit card.

• The sales staff hurried through the process and did not give you time to read the fine prints carefully.

• Some checkboxes were already ticked off on the loan document and you were not given the time and opportunity to take a closer look at.

• The sales executive used an undefined term like protection cover, ASU or loan care and did not explaining the meaning of the term to you.

We are a PPI claims assistance firm ready to help you in filing a claim against the concerned bank if you were deceived in any of the above-mentioned ways. Whether or not you can pull together your old financial documents, we are there to help you out. However, we insist you to search extensively for the pertinent papers as these documents can make claiming easier for you.

How to file a PPI claim?

We are committed to take you to the threshold of winning your PPI claim and we also promise to make the process of claiming less complicated for you. If you deem that claiming a refund through a judicial procedure is not something you can handle yourself, you can talk to our PPI claims experts over the phone or email us your queries. We would be happy to answer all your queries.

We recommend you to find and collect all the financial documents from the past six years so that we can find out the discrepancies easily by glancing over the relevant papers. If your policy is more than six years old, call us to avail comprehensive legal assistance.